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My Four Loves In Life


ReadYay! was created after I was contacted by parents and educators throughout the State of New Jersey (and later beyond) asking me to start a chapter of First Library, (firstlibrary.org), the free book (and later clothing and toy) program I founded), in their community. They liked my mission and vision for children of first time mothers, many in need.

Unfortunately, First Library did not have the funds necessary to expand the program in other areas.

I wanted to help these other communities but I also wanted the communities to be actively involved in the expansions; opening and daily operation of the new First Library chapters.

I began thinking of ways to socially, economically, and responsibly fund and operate the program on a large scale and bring the First Library mission to the entire state of New Jersey, and beyond.


Kids Again

Recent research had told me that there was a wealth of new unworn (aka unwanted) clothing and shoes, about $550.00 worth, sitting in women’s closets that they didn’t want to wear or couldn't return. And that the Resale Industry is a 9 Billion Dollar Industry.

With a background in the resale industry myself (as a shopper and former store and consultant) I knew I could bring these two worlds together and achieve my mission of giving my love of reading by creating a movement that would be:



First Library™

I founded First Library to promote early childhood literacy, book ownership and library patronage.

First Library (firstlibrary.org), the first and only affiliate of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library (imaginationlibrary.com) in New Jersey, gives free preschool books to children in Chatham Borough and Chatham Township, NJ (two communities my family had lived in), newborn to age five, registered in the program, regardless of gender, race or the family's income at no cost or financial obligation to their families. 

Parents are asked to read to their child daily and maintain local library patronage.

First Library Plus™ (a First Library program for first time mothers in need) partners with existing nonprofit free book programs, such as First Library, to promote and healthy and responsible parenting and early childhood literacy, journaling, and library patronage through its incentive and reward program.

Parents of children, newborn to age three, can "earn" points through various free reading related activities to shop for new (more) books plus clothing and educational toys at their free online First Library Plus Shop.

New first time mothers must also participate in parenting programs to qualify for the program.

First Library also donates for free books for PJ Library (pjlibrary.org).



As the mother of four children with a fourteen year age span, I made reading and book ownership a top priority in their lives through my words and actions.

Whether it was reading to them, scheduling independent reading times, planning excursions to the local library or trips to the local books stores, READING and BOOKS were a major part of my children's life growing up.

Today, I can proudly say they are voracious readers with extensive home libraries.  

I have now combined my three loves in life, READING, RESALE AND FIRST LIBRARY, to create my forth love in life: ReadYay!

Please join me in giving all four of them to children everywhere.

Catherine Tinger Goldberg


READ - to make out the significance of by scrutiny or observation

YAYan exclamation used to express joy, excitement, etc.