About ReadYay!

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My Four Loves In Life


ReadYay! was created after I was contacted by parents and educators throughout the State of New Jersey asking me to start a chapter of FIRST LIBRARY, the free book program I founded, in their town.

They liked my mission and vision for children of first time mothers and wanted me to expand the program into their community.

I began thinking of ways to accomplish this AND still do two other things I loved: READING AND RESALE.

With a background in the retail/resale industry, I thought I could bring these two worlds together (reading and resale) and give the gift of reading to children everywhere by creating a movement that would be:




Being the parent of four children with a fourteen year age span, I knew the importance of reading early and consistently.

READING and book ownership was a top priority in my children’s lives through my words and actions.

Whether it was reading to them daily, scheduling independent reading time, excursions to the local library or trips to book stores, reading was a major part of my children's life growing up.

Today, they are voracious readers with extensive home libraries.



Research shows that there is a wealth of new unworn (aka unwanted) clothing and shoes, about $550.00 worth, sitting in women’s closets that they don't want and cannot return.

As a shopper, former store owner and industry consultant, I knew RESALE shopping, especially new resale clothing was a great way to buy quality clothing, save money AND support worthy causes in the community.


First Library™

I founded First Library to give my love of reading to children, one book at a time. 

FIRST LIBRARY (firstlibrary.org), the first and only affiliate of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library (imaginationlibrary.com) in New Jersey, promotes early childhood literacy, book ownership and library patronage.

Children, newborn to age five, receive one free book monthly regardless of their gender, race or family income.

Parents are asked to read to their child daily and maintain local library patronage.


My Four Loves In Life

I can't think of anything more rewarding and valuable for today's children than opening their eyes, minds, and world to reading and books. 

Please join me and readers everywhere and donate your new clothing, shop for new clothing, and help give new books to children in your community and beyond.

Join the movement and make my four loves in life, READING, RESALE, FIRST LIBRARY™ and READYAY!,  a part of your and your children’s life.

Thank you.

Catherine Tinger Goldberg 


READ - to make out the significance of by scrutiny or observation

YAYan exclamation used to express joy, excitement, etc.